Shipping Information

Shipping Destinations

CigarTiger offers Priority Mail Shipping to all States in the USA except for VT and KY.

Shipping Method
We ship all orders via Priority Mail.  Priority Mail is fast, secure and delivered by the U.S. Postal Service.

Fulfillment Time
PLEASE NOTE: Total time to your door is Fulfillment Time *plus* Transit Time!

>>> Repeat Customers: Orders received by 7:00 PM Eastern Time are usually shipped in 1 or 2 Business Days, provided you use a method of payment that we've used for a previous order.  If you use a new method of payment, your order will usually ship in 7 Business Days, as we wait for your payment to clear to our bank account. 

>>> New Customers: Due to FDA Regulations we are now required to verify the age of  all new customers before we can ship. Please contact our Customer Service Department for more details. If you are NOT a new customer and can not log in to your old account please call us before creating a new one or your order will be delayed as a new customer. 
We do not begin to process your order until we actually receive the ID during normal business hours. 

Priority Mail Transit Time
PLEASE NOTE: Total time to your door is Fulfillment Time *plus* Transit Time!

Please allow 2-5 Business Days of Transit Time in addition to the Fulfillment Time, depending on your shipping address.  Priority Mail is delivered on Saturdays, and is not delivered on Sundays or Bank Holidays.  Because Priority Mail is not a guaranteed service, we cannot guarantee the delivery date of your order.  Please note that the day we ship your order does not count as a day in transit.

Out of Stock Items
99% of our orders are shipped on time.  However, sometimes an item is out of stock, and we must wait to obtain the product from our wholesaler.  When this happens, we will ship your order as soon as we obtain your items.  

If you have any questions about Shipping, please contact our Customer Service Department.